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I'm not this Joe Bell. Or this one. Or this one.

I'm a resident in neurologic surgery at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. I'm particularly interested in functional neurosurgery, brain-machine interfaces, optical imaging of neural activity, and clinical applications of statistics and machine learning.

Previously, I was a student in the Harvard MD-PhD program. There I worked with Rachel Wilson on the neural coding of odors, the structure of chemotactic behavior, and hearing biomechanics.

If you're interested in this stuff, drop me a note! You can also find me on Twitter as @josephsbell.


Bell JS and Wilson RI. Behavior reveals selective summation and max pooling among olfactory processing channels. Neuron. 2016 Jul 20;91(2):425-38. [pdf][supplement]

Bell JS. Osler in Jail. JAMA. 2016 Jun 21;315(23):2523-4. [pdf]

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Stratmann G, May LD, Sall JW, Alvi RS, Bell JS, Ormerod BK, Rau V, Hilton JF, Dai R, Lee MT, Visrodia KH, Ku B, Zusmer EJ, Guggenheim J, Firouzian A. Effect of hypercarbia and isoflurane on brain cell death and neurocognitive dysfunction in 7-day-old rats. Anesthesiology. 2009 Apr;110(4):849-61. [pdf]

Stratmann G, Sall JW, May LD, Bell JS, Magnusson KR, Rau V, Visrodia KH, Alvi RS, Ku B, Lee MT, Dai R. Isoflurane differentially affects neurogenesis and long-term neurocognitive function in 60-day-old and 7-day-old rats. Anesthesiology. 2009 Apr;110(4):834-48. [pdf]

Stratmann G, Sall JW, Eger EI 2nd, Laster MJ, Bell JS, May LD, Eilers H, Krause M, Heusen F, Gonzalez HE. Increasing the duration of isoflurane anesthesia decreases the minimum alveolar anesthetic concentration in 7-day-old but not in 60-day-old rats. Anesth Analg. 2009 Sep;109(3):801-6. [pdf]

Some (open sourced) tools I've worked on:

Some of these are only a little better than half-baked; usable, but still under-done. Let me know if you have an opinion. Also, if you find anything here useful, or do anything cool with it, I'd get a kick out of hearing about it.

Olfactometer Driver

A 4-channel MOSFET based switch for computer control of high-current devices (like solenoid valves in olfactometers) with logic level (5V) signals. Works with drive voltages of about 6 - 50V, currents up to several amps. Outputs are protected against shorts and failures. Takes BNC inputs, but also can be plugged directly onto an Arduino. Instructions, Eagle schematics, and Gerber CAM files on GitHub

LED Illumination Panel

3" square tile-able panels for LED illumination. Each panel houses 18 LEDs each of two different colors, with different colors independently switchable. Power and switch signals travel between boards on edge connectors for easy tiling. Use one channel to provide extremely even and stable IR illumination, the other for optogenetic stimuli. Instructions, Eagle schematics, and Gerber CAM files on GitHub

openMill openMill G1

A 3-axis CNC mill. All non-stock parts are laser cut from acrylic, and require only hand-tools for assembly. Total cost ~$500, precision better than .001". Especially good for rapid PCB prototyping. Instructions, part lists, and CAD files for custom parts hosted at Instructables.

diyPCB Laser cutting double-sided circuit boards

A detailed protocol for combining a CNC laser cutter with copper chloride etching to produce high-res double-sided PCB prototypes, including laser cut through-holes. Trace/space of 8/8 mils, boards in 2 hours, start to finish. Tools and tricks for double-sided board alignment, hosted at Instructables.

jDAQmx jDAQmx

A cross-platform MATLAB package interface for the DAQmx drivers. Replicates the function of the Data Acquisition Toolbox on Linux. Includes detailed instructions for installing DAQmx under Scientfic Linux v6.4. GitHub

dataCzar dataCzar

A lightweight MATLAB package of tools for managing scientific data. Manages filename generation to prevent over-writing, manages data backup (using rsync), and generates a codeStamp for data from the current git repository hash. GitHub

figFormat formFig

MATLAB package for easy generation, modification, and WYSIWYG printing of multi-panel figures. Allows creation and population of figure templates. Especially useful for rendering plots of figures that were generated on headless systems. GitHub

modelNeuron STDP simulation for 1st year neuroscience graduate students

A MATLAB simulation package for teaching students about computational modelling and STDP. This reimplements the model described in (Song, Miller, and Abbott, 2000) (Developed for Harvard's course NB204: Neurophysiology of Central Circuits, with A. Baker) GitHub


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